The Civil War Round Table of Milwaukee (MCWRT) is the second oldest Round Table in the US (  It is made up of approximately 300 members who have a strong interest in American history.  We are an all volunteer 501c3 organization that remembers and promotes the history of the American Civil War.

The MCWRT is also the caretaker of the Iron Brigade Association.

The Iron Brigade, a Union Civil War unit made up of Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan regiments, suffered the most casualties of any Union brigade in the Civil War.

While Henry rifles were not issued officially to members of the Iron Brigade, members of that unit purchased their own Henrys to use in combat.

The MCWRT donates money on a regular basis to promote education and the preservation of Civil War history.

A request for assistance was made to the Henry Repeating Arms company and their Guns for Great Causes program ( to help the MCWRT in support of future educational programs.

Mr. Anthony Imperato the President of the Henry Repeating Arms Company of Bayonne NJ, ( ) generously donated an Original Henry repeating rifle.  This is a current production rifle based on the 1860 model Henry repeating rifle that was used by Union forces in the Civil War(

The rifle will be known as the Iron Brigade Association –Henry Repeating Rifle and will be on display at numerous locations until 1 November 2016.  In September-October of 2016 the Henry rifle will be auctioned off.  The proceeds of the auction will be used to support future educational programs.

Prior to the Iron Brigade Association–Henry Repeating Rifle going on official auction, private offers for the rifle will be considered.  The rifle will remain in the position of the Iron Brigade Association until after 1 November 2016.  After a successful auction or private purchase, the Henry rifle will be transferred to the new owner through an F.F.L. gun shop.

Van Harl
General Commanding, the Iron Brigade Association
President, Civil War Round Table of Milwaukee