Milwaukee Roundtable Civil War Speakers 1947–1968
Date Topic Speaker
01/28/47 Battle of Corinth Monroe F. Cockrell
03/03/47 Battle of Franklin Lloyd D. Miller
04/08/47 Tramping over Civil War Battlefields Otto Eisenschiml
06/18/47 Battle of Chickamauga Parker Webb
10/20/47 Battle of Nashville Stanley Horn
11/18/47 Civil War Ordinance Charles S. Schwartz
12/08/47 Josiah Gorges Frank E. Vandiver
01/19/48 Cavalry at Gettysburg Maxwell H. Herriott
03/21/48 The Atlanta Campaign Frank Welcher
05/18/48 Belle Boyd J.L. Ferrebee
06/15/48 Battle of Champion Hill Paul S. Brant
08/17/48 Railroads of the Confederate States Robert S. Henry
09/21/48 Lincoln Raises an Army Don Russell
10/26/48 Cumberland Gap in the Civil War Robert L. Kincaid
11/30/48 Escape of General John H. Morgan Robert B. Browne
01/11/49 Robert E. Lee Marshall Wingfield
02/09/49 Fort Donelson Frank L. Klement
03/12/49 The Second Manassas Campaign Frank Welcher
04/20/49 Rear Admiral John L. Wordon R. Gerald McMurty
05/23/49 Battle of Gettysburg and Gen. George Mead John G. Graf
06/29/49 The Story of Shiloh Otto Eisenschiml
09/13/49 General George Thomas Marvin H. Creager
10/12/49 Lincoln and the War Governors William B. Hesseltine
11/03/49 The Red River Campaign Jim Dan Hill
12/07/49 Brice’s Crossroads Robert B. Browne
01/11/50 Siege of Vicksburg Monroe F. Cockrell
02/07/50 Legendary Lincoln Louis A. Warren
03/11/50 Antietam Frank Welcher
04/11/50 Lincoln Outmaneuvers the British Nelson V. Russell
04/23/50 Copperheads in the Middle West Frank L. Klement
06/27/50 Fitzjohn Porter Otto Eisenschiml
09/25/50 Theodore Weld Benjamin P. Thomas
10/31/50 Confederate Leaders in the New South William B. Hesseltine
12/04/50 J.E.B. Stuart Robert B. Browne
12/27/50 Johnny Reb and Billy Yank Bell I. Wiley
01/18/51 The Hampton Roads Conference Harry E. Pratt
02/14/51 Mr. Lincoln Writes a Letter A.C. Hansen
04/11/51 The Spring Hill Affair Lloyd D. Miller
05/10/51 General O.O. Howard Robert L. Kincaid
06/12/51 The Battles of Mobile W.N. Fitzgerald, Jr
09/18/51 We’ll Hang Jeff Davis From a Sour Apple Tree Seymore Frank
10/16/51 Hardtack and Coffee Palmer Boeger
11/16/51 Fort Filmore Herbert O. Brayer
12/11/51 Rockingham County, Virginia and the Civil War Herbert A. Keller
01/09/52 Charles A. Dana, The Eyes of the Government at the Front Elmer Gertz
02/06/52 N.P. Banks, A Politician in Uniform Fred H. Harrington
03/27/52 U.S. Grant E.B. (Pete) Long
04/29/52 Battle of Murfreesboro William L. Lamer
05/22/52 Old Rough and Ready in the Civil War Holman Hamilton
09/30/52 The Union Left Flank at Gettysburg—July 2, 1863 Lloyd D. Miller
11/06/52 Mr. Lincoln Reads His Mail Benjamin P. Thomas
12/10/52 Medicine and Surgery in the Civil War F.J. Stoddard
01/15/53 Alexander H. Stephens and the Confederacy James Rabun
02/12/53 A Folklore vs. an Historical Lincoln Louis A. Warren
03/11/53 Thaddeus Stevens Harry Hershenson
04/13/53 Harper’s Ferry in the Civil War O.H. Felton
05/19/53 Major Joseph H. Spencer and the U.S. Signal Corp Herbert A. Keller
09/17/53 Victory Rode the Rails George E. Turner
10/22/53 Nathan Bedford Forrest Robert E. Browne
11/19/53 The Confederate Navy W.T. Duganne
12/12/53 Captain Wirz and Andersonville J.P. Renald
01/18/54 Stonewall Jackson’s Valley Campaign Maxwell H. Herriott
02/25/54 Has Lincoln’s Theme Been Exhausted? Ralph G. Newman
03/19/54 The Patterns of a Biographer—Douglas Southall Freeman and His Life of Robert E. Lee T. Harry Williams
05/25/54 The Battle of Missouri Paul S. Brant
09/16/54 Stormy Ben Butler Robert S. Holzman
10/14/54 Spies Blue and Gray Harnett Kane
10/14/54 The Bohemian Brigade Louis Starr
12/14/54 Stonewall Jackson in 1862 Monroe F Cockrell
E.B. (Pete)Long
Kenneth MacIntyre
Lloyd D. Miller
01/12/55 General Jo Shelby Daniel O’Flaherty
02/17/55 Phil Sheridan and Five Forks Bruce Catton
03/24/55 Frontier During the Civil War Clyde Walton, Jr.
04/13/55 Zollicoffer and the Battle of Mill Springs R. Gerald McMurtry
05/05/55 Beauregard T. Harry Williams
09/20/55 George A. Custer Robert S. Browne
10/20/55 An Intimate View of Grant Benjamin P. Thomas
12/01/55 The Cat Looks at the King: Eisenhower’s Gettysburg Maxwell H. Herriott
01/19/56 Civil War Weapons Guilbert Piper
02/21/56 Early Education of Abraham Lincoln Raymond Dooley
03/15/56 Dr. Ramsey’s Private War William B. Hesseltine
05/03/56 The Campaign for Atlanta Allen P. Julian
06/14/56 Buell’s Advance on Chattanooga Kenneth P. Williams
09/12/56 Confederate Miscellany Gilbert C. Govan
10/10/56 The March to the Sea Allen P. Julian
11/08/56 The Union League in the Civil War Clement Silvestro
12/06/56 How to Enjoy a War Bish Thompson
01/16/57 Trivia in Travail E.B. (Pete) Long
02/20/57 Libby Prison—A Study in Emotion Frank L. Byrne
03/28/57 The Battle of the Crater Allan Oakey
05/22/57 Chancellorsville Aaron Sherman
06/17/57 A Mirror of the South Richard B. Harwell
10/14/57 First Modern War Bruce Catton
10/22/57 Kilpatrick’s Raid on Richmond ‘64 V.C. (Pat) Jones
11/19/57 Knights of the Golden Circle: Fact or Fantasy Frank L. Klement
12/17/57 Lesser Figures in John H. Brown’s Command Robert B. Browne
01/23/58 The First Day at Gettysburg Fredrick Tillberg
02/13/58 Comments on the Strategy of the Civil War U.S. Grant III
04/23/58 Recent and Current Writings on the Civil War Bell I. Wiley
05/22/58 James Harrison Wilson Elmer Gertz
06/02/58 The Streight-Forrest Campaign Rucker Agee
09/17/58 Perrysville Hambleton Tapp
10/15/58 Resurgence of Interest in the Civil War Ralph G. Newman
11/26/58 Halleck Steven Ambrose
01/07/59 John Hunt Morgan’s Ohio Raid Hubert W. Hawkins
02/10/59 Lincoln’s Plan for Reconstruction William B. Hesseltine
03/11/59 The Battle of Champion Hill Edwin C. Bearss
04/22/59 The Second and Third Day at Gettysburg Fredrick Tilberg
05/20/59 Lincoln and the Abolitionists Roman T. Zorn
06/23/59 Mosby’s Rangers V.C.(Pat)Jones
09/24/59 100 Years Ago Avery Craven
10/20/59 The Battle of Brandy Station J. Gay Seabourne
11/17/59 Recent Civil War Writing Clyde Walton Jr.
12/16/59 Iuka William L. Lamers
01/14/60 Brawner’s Farm Alan T. Nolan
02/11/60 Lincoln: Commander and Chief Maxwell H. Herriott
03/09/60 Jackson’s Stonewall: The Stonewall Brigade James I. Robertson
04/07/60 Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and the Civil War Larry W. Sagle
05/04/60 The Civil War: A Lesson for Us All Dewey Short
05/31/60 The Battle of Franklin Sam Fleming
09/14/60 James Longstreet James I. Robertson
10/20/60 Wilson’s Creek: Lyon and Fremont E.B. (Pete) Long
11/15/60 Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis as Commanders-in-Chief Richard N. Current
12/08/60 The Night the War was Lost Charles L. Dufour
01/12/61 Development of Military Law in the Civil War U.S. Grant III
02/20/61 Adventures in History Otto Eisenschiml
03/23/61 The 1st Corp on the 1st Day of Gettysburg Alan T. Nolan
04/26/61 Kentucky: The Borderland in the Civil War Thomas D. Clark
05/25/61 Ben Harding Helm, CSA: Abe Lincoln’s Brother-in-Law R. Gerald McMurty
06/26/61 Stephen A. Douglas Glen Seymour
09/20/61 Abraham Lincoln and Slavery Maxwell H. Herriott
10/11/61 Wisconsin and the Civil War John Patrick Hunter
11/14/61 Two Who Might Have Been Stonewall William B. Hesseltine
12/17/61 Civil War Battlefields as They Now are Donald Gerlinger
01/17/62 Braxton Bragg Grady McWhiney
02/14/62 Lincoln Emerges-December 3, 1861 Fred Schwengel
03/13/62 W.S. Rosecrans William L. Lamer
04/10/62 The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the Trial and Imprisonment of Dr.Samuel A. Mudd Richard D. Mudd
05/17/62 What the Shooting Was All About Richard N. Current
06/25/62 The Blockade Jim Dan Hill
09/19/62 Captain Thomas Henry Hines Edward Coffman
10/18/62 Myth and Fact in Civil War History Alan T. Nolan
11/15/62 Chickamauga Everette Lewy
12/06/62 Last War Between Gentlemen James I. Robertson
01/15/63 Lincoln and the Tools of War Robert V. Bruce
02/27/63 Gettysburg Address: Mysteries of the Manuscript David C. Mearns
03/12/63 Civil War Arms and Ammunition Guilbert Piper
04/10/63 The Kinsey Report on the Civil War Robert W. Waitt, Sr.
05/16/63 Anitetam James V. Murfin
06/24/63 The Civil War Regiment and it’s Comander T. Harry Willaims
09/25/63 The Lesson From Bull Run II Bruce Catton
10/24/63 The President and the General Gilbert C. Craven
11/14/63 Grant’s Seven Failures Above Vicksburg Shelby Foote
12/4/63 Why the Southern States Seceded Avery Craven
1/16/64 Elihu B. Washburn and U. S. Grant John Y. Simon
2/18/64 Some Puzzling Aspects Concerning the Assassination of Lincoln R. Gerald McMurty
3/17/65 The Battle of Franklin Lloyd D., Miller
4/7/65 Wisconsin in the Civil War Frank L. Klement
05/13/65 Chickamauga Glenn Tucker
06/16/65 The Meaning of the Civil War Avery Craven
09/15/65 The Battle of Stones River John R. Peacock
10/11/65 Clement L. Vallandigham an Outspoken Critic of the Lincoln Administration Frank L. Klement
11/11/65 Union Veterans in the Post-War South Richard N. Current
12/8/65 The Johnsonville Raid Campbell H. Brown
01/13/66 Grieson’s Raid Dee Alexander Brown
02/9/66 Douglas Southall Freeman J. Amber Johnston
03/9/66 A Reappraisal of the Mississippi Valley Campaign E.B. (Pete) Long
04/13/66 Lincoln as Commander-in Chief Eldon E. Billing
05/24/66 General E.P. Alexander, The Articulate Artillerist Charles L. Dufour
06/09/66 The Civil War as an Institutionalizing Force Frank E. Vandiver
09/15/66 The Dunning Interpretation of the Reconstruction Jim Dan Hill
10/13/66 Benjamin F. Butler: An American Hero Junior Grade Ralph G. Newman
11/16/66 John Bell Hood Allen P. Julianz
12/08/66 The Supreme Court in the Civil War and Reconstruction Era Stanley I. Cutler
01/09/67 Judah P. Benjamin S.I. Neiman
02/20/67 Lincoln Denied Rest in Sleep George L. Cushman
03/21/67 Hood’s Texas Brigade Harold B. Simpson
04/27/67 Port Hudson Fred G. Benton Jr.
05/25/67 Pemberton and the Defense of Vicksburg John C. Pemberton
06/22/67 Serendipity and the Civil War Alice H. Cromie
09/20/67 The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy Elmer Gertz
10/19/67 The Valley Campaign Maxwell H. Herriott
11/15/67 The Wilson Raid Rodney C. Loehr
12/11/67 The Rebel Falcon of the West Charles F. Leich
01/10/68 Reading, Writing and Roundtables Ralph G. Newman
02/12/68 The Education of Abraham Lincoln Arnold Gates
03/13/68 Dred Scott Decision George R. Currie
04/17/68 The Negro in the Wisconsin Civil War Effort Edward Noyes
05/15/68 General Rufus King Jack Filipiak
06/19/68 Medicine and Surgery in the Civil War William Gallager
E.L. Perry
09/10/68 Generals and Their Wives E.B. (Pete) Long
10/09/68 First Bull Run Frank L. Klement
11/07/68 Custer’s First Charge Don Russell
12/10/68 Professor Lowe and His Balloons Robert M. Leich
Milwaukee Roundtable Civil War Speakers 1969-2001

Topic Speaker
01/15/69 Development of the Signal Corps James Huston
02/12/69 Lincoln and the Negro Leslie H. Fishel Jr.
03/19/69 Uses for Yankees: Confederate Experiments with Prisoners as Manpower Frank L. Byrne
04/17/69 Some New Slants on Gettysburg Glenn Tucker
05/15/69 The Old State Capitol Complex: Illinois’ Newest Historical Site William K. Alderfer
06/17/69 A Yank at Oxford or Teaching the Civil War to the English T. Harry Williams
09/11/69 Lincoln’s Assassination and After Richard M. Mudd
10/08/69 Great Grandfather’s Civil War William M. Lamers
11/12/69 Lincoln as an Administrator Lewis H. Croce
12/10/69 St. Alban’s Raid, The Robert P. Ashley
01/14/70 Myths About Abraham Lincoln Joseph Eisendrath
03/11/70 McNeil Rangers and the Capture of Generals Cook and Kelly, The John W. Baily
04/14/70 Military Career of General “Black Jack” Logan, The Elmer C. Brinkman
05/07/70 Chancellorsville Fredrick Williams
06/11/70 Civil War Music Fred Benkovic
09/10/70 Upper Midwest and the Secession Crisis of 1860-1861, The John R. Hubbell
10/08/70 Confederate Diplomacy Eldon E. Billings
11/05/70 Wilber F. Storey, The Chicago Times and the Civil War Justin E. Walsh
12/08/70 St. Ledger Grenfell, The Camp Douglas Conspiracy and Cincinnati Conspiracy Trials Stephan Z. Starr
01/14/71 Sioux Campaigns During the Civil War, The Harry H. Anderson
02/11/71 Black Man in the Civil War, The Arnold Mitchum
03/10/71 Civil War Dissent and Some War Dissenters, Especially Clement L. Vallandigham Frank L. Klement
04/04/71 A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight: Boys and Gals in Wartime Washington Philip D. Jordan
05/21/71 Jim Frey, Hard-Luck Sailor and Confederate Ship Captain Jim Dan Hill
06/03/71 Civil War Small Arms and North-South Skirmish, Inc W.J.K. Beaudot
Lance Herdegen
09/09/71 Carl Sandberg and Abraham Lincoln William A. Sutton
10/07/71 Aspects of the Civil War Draft Eugene C. Murdock
11/10/71 Haskell of Gettysburg: The Iron Brigade’s Finest John Patrick Hunter
12/08/71 Benjamin R. Hardy and Darling Nellie Gray Earl R. Hoover
01/05/72 Grant and Vicksburg Miner Coburn
02/10/72 Lincoln’s Changing Reputation Gordon E. Parks
03/16/72 Ohio’s Civil War Prisons Phillip S. Parks
04/05/72 General Sherman: A Personality Profile Sherman J. Lavigna
05/04/72 Saga of the Sultana, The John A. Diehl
06/07/72 Medicine at Camp Randall William S. Middleton
09/14/72 Lee: The Image and the Man Thomas Connelly
10/12/72 Margaret Mitchell and Gone With the Wind, or the Real Margaret Mitchell Allen P. Julian
11/08/72 Causes of the American Revolution John Krugler
12/07/72 After the War: Problems of Reconstruction Jamrs B. Renberg
01/11/73 Berdan Sharpshooters Philip J. Holweck
02/13/73 Lincoln and His Children Warren A. Reeder
03/08/73 Lee vs. Longstreet at Gettysburg Marshall D. Krolick
04/11/73 First Shot and Fort Sumter, The Erik Lunde
05/03/73 Grant and the Capture of Forts Donelson and Henry Gerald Browne
Roger T. Zeimet
06/07/73 Ladies Night at the Pabst Blue Ribbon Hall 1st Brigade Band
09/20/73 Battle of Poplar Spring Church, The Richard J. Sommers
10/18/73 Lincoln and the Blacks Richard H. Sewell
11/15/73 Refractions of the Civil War in Wisconsin Fredrick I. Olson
12/12/73 Lincoln and the Theater Stanley H. Swift
01/23/74 Rufus King: Civil War Minister Jack Filipiak
02/21/74 Prophesy of Nathan Bedford Forrest, The Robert Orr Baker
03/21/74 Story of John Y. Beall, The Richard D. Mudd
04/25/74 Battle of Nashville, The Gordon Whitney
05/22/74 A Look at Lincoln Richard Blake
06/19/74 White Opposition to Black Migration Into Civil War Wisconsin Edwards Noyes
09/18/74 5th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment Field Music Wilber Kolb
10/17/74 Morgan the Raider and Morgan’s terrible men Frank G. Rankin
11/20/74 Lincoln’s Friend Steve Hurlbut, Hero of Hatchie River Gerald P. Clausius
12/18/74 Confederate Navy: Ironclads, David’s, Torpedoes, The Fred S. Harrod
01/23/75 Ku Klux Klan: The Continuation of the Resistance, The Duke Frederick
02/19/75 A Walk With Mr. Lincoln Phllisx Brinkley
03/19/75 3rd Wisconsin in the Virginia Campaign Phillip Roberts
04/23/75 Guerrilla War in the West: Quantril’s Bushwackers Albert Castel
05/21/75 Battle of the Confederacy, The Howard M. Madaux
09/24/75 Was Your Father a Civil War Veteran William H. Upham
10/22/75 Personality and Command in the Civil War William H. Lamers
11/19/75 Lincoln’s Religion J. David Hoeceler
12/17/75 Rufus King, Otto Eisenschiml and the fitz Court Martial Harry H. Anderson John Porter
01/22/76 Five Days of Glory: The Story of a Young Soldier of CO. F, 59th Illinois Volunteers William Kolb
02/19/76 Illustrations of the Civil War Dalton G. Johnson
03/18/76 Cassius Marcus Clay: Firebrand of Freedom Harold E. Richardson
04/21/76 How it is in 1865 Harold E. Howard
05/20/76 Battle of Allatoona, The Robert D. Dawson
06/24/76 Berdan’s Sharpshooters Philip J. Hohlweck
09/29/76 Jeff Davis: His Flight and Capture John Patrick Hunter
10/21/76 What the War Meant Frank L. Klement
11/18/76 Other Jeff Davis, The Gordon Whitney
12/16/76 Battle of the Monitor and the Merrimac, The Edgar C. Archer
01/20/77 Maryland Campaign, The John W. Schlidt
02/17/77 Jackson’s Valley Campaign Lowell Reidenbaugh
03/24/77 Lincoln and Reconstruction Mark E. Neely Jr.
04/14/77 Whither the Generals: Military Leaders After the Civil War Eldon E. Billings
05/25/77 Railroads: How They Served the North and South During the Civil War, The Charles Wesselhoeft
06/22/77 Film “Gettysburg”  
09/29/77 Brandy Station: Greatest Cavalry Battle of the War Marshall D. Krolick
10/27/77 Death and Reconstruction of John Wilkes Booth, The Dan J. Lapinski
11/17/77 Battle of Franklin, The Lloyd D. Miller
12/15/77 Film: “The Battle of Chickamauga”  
02/23/78 Soldier Life in the Civil War Robert C. Huntoon
03/30/78 Eli Metcalf Bruch: Napoleon of Commerce of the Confederacy Frank G. Rankin
04/20/78 Wilkes Booth Came to Washington Larry Starkey
09/07/78 Artillery and Ammunition of the Civil War Howard M. Madaus
10/18/78 General Lee: Was He Really That Good? Ralph G. Newman
11/16/78 Mississippi Marine Brigade, The Brooks Davis
12/14/78 Abolition Crusade and Military Occupation of the South: 1865-76, The Waller Carson, Sr.
Philip j. Hohlweck
01/18/79 Spirit of Ulysses S. Grant, The Merlin E. Sumner
02/08/79 Has the Lincoln Theme Been Exhausted Mark E. Neely, Jr.
03/08/79 Stephen D. Lee Herman Hattaway
04/05/79 Antietam William A. Frassanito
05/24/79 Women in the Civil War Karen O. Osborne
06/21/79 Lincoln Presidents Richard N. Current
09/13/79 Action North of the James River, September 29-30, 1864 William Mallory
10/11/79 E.P. Alexander, Peerless and Insightful Cannoneer Robert K. Krick
11/08/79 Richmond, First City of the Confederacy Daniel P. Jordan
12/06/79 Aldie, Middleburg and Upperville, Prelude to Gettysburg and the Aftermath of Brandy Station Henry A. Pomerantz
01/10/80 Grant as Historian: The Memoirs Revisited John Y. Simon
02/07/80 Last Day at Stone’s River, The J.L. McDonough
03/13/80 Buffalo Bill Cody and Charles King Harry H. Anderson
04/10/80 Lights Go on Again at Ford’s Theater, The Ralph G. Newman
05/15/80 Civil War Spies in Hoopskirts John Patrick Hunter
09/04/80 U.S. Uniforms Used Early in the War G. Craig Caba
10/09/80 Roads to Gettysburg, The John W. Schildt
11/13/80 Civil War Band Music Fred Benkovic
12/11/80 General Van Dorn: An Updated Look at Confederate Leadership Robert G. Hartje
01/08/81 Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War Howard C. Westwood
02/12/81 Stuart’s Cavalry in the Gettysburg Campaign Marshall D. Krolick
03/12/81 Civil War Medical Instruments and Equipment Gordon E. Dammann
04/09/81 Exploring for the Wreck of the USS Monitor Ernest W. Peterkin
05/07/81 Jedediah Hotchkiss: Stonewall Jackson’s Map Maker Archie P. McDonald
06/11/81 Confederate Uniforms: The Quartermaster’s Contribution Les Jensen
09/10/81 Not-So-Fine Art of Lying: Some Civil War General’s and Their Reports, The Albert Castel
10/08/81 Perryville: The Battle for Kentucky K.A. Hafendorfer
11/12/81 Stonewall Jackson at White Oak Swamp Lowell Reidenbaugh
12/10/81 Rambunctious Reporter of the Civil War, The John Patrick Hunter
01/08/82 Orphan Brigade: The Kentucky Confederates Who Couldn’t Go Home, The William C. Davis
02/11/82 Hijinks North and South: How Well Behaved Were the Boys in Blue and Gray Howard M. Madaus
03/11/82 Mystery of Spring Hill Gordon Whitney
04/08/82 Gettysburg: The People Robert Meinhard
05/13/82 Civil War Music 1st Brigade Band
06/10/82 Mary A. Bickerdyke: A Female Hero of the Civil War Karen K. Osborne
09/09/82 Voices of Lincoln’s Time Lynn C. Surles
10/07/82 General Lyons and the Battle of Wilson’s Creek Richard W. Hatcher
11/11/82 Life in a Civil War Prison Camp: An Illustrated View Harry H. Anderson
12/09/82 Artillery Tactics of the Civil War Era Perry D. Jamieson
01/13/83 The Deep Rots of the Civil War Frank L. Klement
02/10/83 Gen. George H. Thomas: Time and History Will Do Me Justice C. Robert Douglas
03/10/83 Cavalry Campaigns: Prelude to Gettysburg John E. Divine
04/14/83 The Illegal Lincoln: A Nation of Men and Not of Laws Robert L. Hachey
05/12/83 Living History People of 1863
09/08/83 “Fighting Joe” Hooker Walter H. Hebert
10/13/83 William Barksdale: Flamboyant Politician and Soldier of the South Robert K. Krick
11/10/83 Col. Lawler and the Lawless 18th Illinois Infantry William M. Anderson
12/08/83 The Signal Corp and the Military Telegraph of the Civil War Myron (Mike) Cohn
01/12/84 John Pope: His Political Problems and His Pratfall at Second Bull Run Walter N. Trenerry
02/09/84 The Iron Brigade: Some Last Words Alan T. Nolan
03/08/84 Eight Minutes to Live: Defeat of the Federal Assault at Cold Harbor, 3 June 1864 Roy K. Flint
04/12/84 John Bell Hood and the War for Southern Independence Richard M. McMurry
05/10/84 The Battle of Fredericksburg: The Face of Battle Daniel D. Nettesheim
09/13/84 Beyond the Battle: The Flags of the Iron Brigade, 1863-1918 Richard H. Zeitlin
10/11/84 General Joshua L. Chamberlin Alice & James Turlock
11/08/84 Civil War Politics and Propaganda, with Comments on Subversive Secret Societies the Indianapolis and Camp Douglas Conspiracies, and Subsequent Treason Trials Frank L. Klement
12/13/84 The Final Days of Stonewall Jackson David Finney
1/10/85 General Grant’s Staff: A Plus or a Minus? Merlin E. Summer
2/14/85 The Illustrious Civil War Career of George Armstrong Custer John Patrick Hunter
3/7/85 Stephen D. Ramseur: Lee’s Gallant General Gary W. Gallagher
4/11/85 Captain Dennis Dailey: One of the Bravest Acts of the Civil War W. J. K. Beaudot
5/9/85 “Old Jube” and “Little Phil”: Generalship in the Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1864 Jeffery D. Wert
9/12/85 Artillery of the Civil War James S. Watson
10/10/85 The Trans-Mississippi in 1864 Willaim J. Sullivan
11/7/85 XI Courps at Chancellorsville Donald G. Pfanz
12/12/85 The Ragged and Starved Confederates: An Examination of the Condition of Lee’s Army 1864-1865 C. M. Calkins
01/09/86 The Collecting of Firearms Charles Foster
02/13/86 Douglas and Lincoln: A Relationship to Consider Mark E. Neely Jr.
03/13/86 The German Panorama Painters of Milwaukee and Their Civil War Productions Harry H. Anderson
04/10/86 The Medical Aspects of the Civil War: Orthopedic Surgery Edgar C. Archer
05/08/86 The Gettysburg Address Gordon Whitney
09/11/86 The Bohemians and the Specials: Civil War Reporters and Artists Richard Martin
10/09/86 Two Gentlemen From Virginia: The Lee and Pickett Connection Richard F. Selcer
11/13/86 The Bloody Angle at Spotsylvania A. Wilson Greene
12/11/86 Robert E. Lee: An Historical View Alan T. Nolan
01/08/87 The Art of Historical Costuming Harriet A. Engler
02/12/87 Lincoln Side Roads Frederick I. Olson
03/12/87 Cloyd’s Mountain: Dublin, Virginia, 1864 Howard McManus
04/16/87 Richmond, Virginia Bread Riots-Apr 2, 1863 Michal B. Chesson
05/07/87 Maryland in the Civil War Elizabeth Otto
09/10/87 Hay Foot! Straw Foot! Drill Manuals and Tactics of the Civil War H. Michael Madaus
10/08/87 Captain to Brigadier: The Promotion of Custer, Merritt and Farnsworth Marshall D. Krolick
11/12/87 John Hunt Morgan: Folk Hero of the Confederacy James A. Ramge
12/10/87 In Defense of the Civil War Surgeon Gordon E. Dammann
01/07/88 Robert Barnwell Rhett James C. Vlazny
02/11/88 July 2, 1863: The Devil’s Den at Gettysburg Robert A. Braun
03/10/88 The Confederate Image Michael E. Neely Jr.
04/07/88 The Battle of Seven Pines Michael Snyder
05/12/88 Embattled Courage Gerald A. Linderman
09/08/88 Lee’s Maryland Campaign of 1862 Robert K. Krick
10/13/88 Go Like Hell: The Attack on the Railroad Cut at Gettysburg Lance J. Herdegen
W.J.K. Beaudot
11/10/88 Sherman’s Lieutenants Gordon Whitney
12/08/88 The Civil War Christmas Karen K. Osborne
01/12/89 Gettysburg: After the Fighting Bruce Bazelon
02/09/89 Civil War Democrats: Traitors of Competent Critics Frank L. Klement
03/09/89 The Battle of Pea Ridge Jerry Russell
04/13/89 The Army of Tennessee Under Grant C.D. Wesselhoeft
05/11/89 Ft. Fischer: Amphibious Finale to the Civil War E.H. Simmons
09/07/89 Political Memorabilia of the Campaigns of 1860 and 1864 Joseph Brown Sr.
10/05/89 Porter Alexander’s Fighting for the Confederacy Gary W. Gallagher
11/09/89 Militia Grey to Union Blue: The Uniforms of the Wisconsin Regiments in the Iron Brigade Howard M. Madaus
12/12/89 Dedication of the Philip Hohlweck Civil War Collection UWM Library
01/11/90 If This Is War: An Account of the Second Wisconsin at the First Battle of Bull Run Alan D. Gaff
02/08/90 Ambrose Burnside’s 1862 North Carolina Campaign Richard A. Sauers
03/08/90 Medicine-Anesthetics-Dentistry 1861-65 Peter H. Jacobsohn
04/12/90 Two Great Rebel Armies: The Army of Northern Virginia and the Army of the Tennessee Richard M. McMurry
05/10/90 The Short Exciting Life of the Eb Brass Band Dan Woolpert
09/13/90 Meserve Civil War Record Richard A. Huebner
10/11/90 The Blockade and Combined Operations at Charleston, South Carolina Frank L. Klement
11/08/90 Ethnic Regiments in the Union Army William L. Burton
12/04/90 A Reunion of Sons of the Iron Brigade James F. Sullivan
William H. Upham Jr.
Frederick Upham
01/10/91 Granny Lee: Fiasco in Western Virginia C. Robert Douglas
02/07/91 To Rescue Gibraltar: Efforts of the Trans Mississippi Confederates to Relieve Vicksburg Terrance J. Winschel
03/07/91 “Out of the Mouth of Hell”: The Escape of Three War Correspondents Gerald A. Regan
04/11/91 The Quartermaster Writes Home: Civil War Service as Described by the Letters of Lt. Samuel B. Chase, Quartermaster, 24th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Harry H. Anderson
05/09/91 The Battle of Chattanooga Michael Hughs
09/12/91 Stannard’s Second Vermont Brigade Blake A. Magner
10/10/91 Jubal A. Early and the Myth of the Lost Cause Gary W. Gallagher
11/07/91 Consider ‘Lee Considered’ Alan T. Nolan
12/12/91 A Wisconsin Brigade in the Washington Camps Lance J. Herdegen
01/09/92 A Women’s War: Two Prospective-North and South Virginia Crane
Karen K. Osborne
02/13/92 Gen. Thomas J. Wood at Chickamauga William G. Robertson
03/12/92 A Call to Glory: Daily Life of the Soldier Michael Lee Morbeck
Ed Pierce
04/09/92 Mosby versus Sheridan in the Shenandoah Dennis E. Frye
05/07/92 Port Hudson: The Best Photographed Battlefield Lawrence L. Hewitt
06/11/92 Panorama Painter of Milwaukee Lance J. Herdegen
09/10/92 Battle of Franklin: Who Speaks for the Dead? Wiley Sword
10/08/92 Gettysburg: The Battle and the Speech Lewis P. Mallow Jr.
11/12/92 Sacred Ground: Americans and Their Battles Edward T. Linenthal
12/10/92 The Real Rock of Chickamauga: The 21st Ohio Infantry on Horseshoe Ridge Peter Cozzens
01/14/93 The Children’s Civil War James Marten
02/11/93 Custer and the Little Big Horn Brian C. Pohanka
03/11/93 The New Wisconsin Veterans Museum Richard H. Zeitlin
04/15/93 Battlefield Commemoration and Preservation: The Reason Why, 1863-1990 Mary M. Abroe
05/13/93 James Longstreet and the Writing of Southern History William G. Piston
06/10/93 The Dollars and Sense of Battlefield Preservation Frances H. Kennedy
09/09/93 Confederate Tells of Pickett’s Charge William A. Young Jr.
10/14/93 An Incident at a Gettysburg Hospital Robert A. Braun
11/11/93 Liverpool, England and the Confederate Navy James D. Bulloch
12/09/93 Love and War in the Want Ads Patricia Higgins
01/13/94 Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: The Civil War in Art Harold Holzer
Mark E. Neely Jr.
02/10/94 Henry Clay, Slavery and the Coming of the Civil War Robert V. Remini
03/10/94 Grant Challenges His Commanding Generals in 1864 Gordon R. Sullivan
04/07/94 The Combined Union Attack on Charleston K.M. McKenzie
05/12/94 Lee’s Regimental Command Structure Robert K. Krick
06/09/94 Bragg at Shiloh: A Fresh Look Stacy Dale Allen
09/08/94 Abraham Lincoln: Our Ever Present Contemporary Frank J. Williams
10/13/94 Victory Over Pain: A Historical Perspective Peter H. Jacobsohn
11/10/94 The Cavalry Corps of the Army of the Potomac Terry Van Meter
12/08/94 Emancipation and the Race Issue in the 1864 Presidential Campaign David E. Long
01/12/95 “Johnny Reb and Billy Yank” Uncommon Soldiers James I. Robertson
02/16/95 A Handful of Lincoln and Civil War Authors Ralph G. Newman
03/09/95 Afro-Confederate Loyalty in Civil War Virginia Ervin L. Jordan Jr.
04/13/95 A City Goes to War: Milwaukee 1861-1865 W.J.K. Beaudot
05/11/95 James B. McPherson and the Ideals of the Old Army Tamara Smith
09/07/95 The Generalship of Braxton Bragg: Changing Interpretation Grady McWhiney
10/12/95 The Confederate Invasion of New Mexico Paul I. Kliger
11/09/95 Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln as Commander-in-Chief Brooks Davis
12/07/95 Faith, Family and the Flag: An Evening of 1860’s Parlor Music Cheryl Licary
Ed Pierce
01/11/96 Teaching Leadership on Civil War Battlefields Harold W. Nelson
02/15/96 Rosecran’s Campaign for Chickamauga James Ogden III
03/07/96 Nathan Bedford Forrest Bryan S. Wills
04/11/96 The Class of 1846 John C. Waugh
05/09/96 Six Men and Women that Brought on the Civil War Lynn C. Surles
09/19/96 The Gates of Hell: The Charleston Campaign Stephen Wise
10/19/96 Married Soldiers in the Civil War James M. McPherson
11/07/96 Lincoln and the Uses of Propaganda Philip S. Paludan
09/10/98 History Meets Hollywood Brian Pohanka
10/08/98 Too Afraid to Cry: Civilians at Antietam Kathleen Ernst
11/12/98 Federal Cavalry on the Peninsula, 1862 Bob O’Neill
12/10/98 Lincoln Race and Slavery Prof. Paul Finkelman
01/14/99 The Gettysburg Council of War, July 2, 1862 Marshall D. Krolick
02/11/99 The Lincoln Assassination Ed Bearss
03/11/99 The Ninth Illinois Infantry at Shiloh Peter Cozzens
04/08/99 Wisconsin’s Civil War Governors Hon. Lee Sherman Dreyfus, PhD
05/13/99 Confederate Cover Up at Seven Pines Mike Andrus
06/10/99 Fighting Tom Sweeney Dr. Thomas Sweeney
09/07/00 Sex in the Civil War Dr. Thomas Lowry
10/12/00 Panel Discussion Lance Herdegen
Bob Braun
Dave Eicher
John D. Beatly
11/09/00 Lincoln’s Preparation for his Gettysburg Address Lynn Suries
12/07/00 Lee in the Overland Campaign of 1864 Gordon Rhea
01/07/01 Vicksburg: Shut Up as in a Trap Terry Winschel
02/07/01 Union Generals as Patients Dr. Jack Welsh
03/07/01 End of the War in the Carolinas Mark Bradley
04/07/01 Thoughts on the Atlanta Campaign of 1864 Richard McMurry
05/07/01 Self-Destruction of the Confederacy after Atlanta in 1864 Ann J. Balley
06/07/01 Lee in the Overland Campaign of 1864 Lesley J. Gordon